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Why Watkins

Why Watkins

We don’t have a parent company – just a company from our parents.

Since 1993, we’ve been out-comforting the competition. What’s our secret? Great people, fair prices, and a philosophy that the customer deserves comfort.

How Do You Choose

Many home-service companies promise professionalism and great service, but what truly sets a company apart? Watkins customers find comfort in the great service we guarantee and the company we keep.

It's your home – you decide who comes over. We think we're better company.


We are called to bring comfort to our neighbors in a manner that reflects and honors the Great Comforter, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To be recognized by technicians as the best place to work, and by our customers as the company with the best technicians.

Our Values

  1. Gratitude – sincere gratitude for our customers and coworkers will improve our attitudes, behaviors and results.
  2. Integrity – doing what we say we will do for our customers and coworkers builds a business we want to be part of.
  3. Respect – recognizing and valuing our differences gives us an advantage.
  4. Balance – proper priorities can benefit every part of our lives.