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  • Furnaces

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We chose Trane as our primary brand in 1995 because of its quality and reliability. We knew that our reputation would be linked to the quality of the equipment we installed. Over the years, we have watched Trane continue to strengthen its position as the leader in reliability and cutting-edge technology.

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The following is a collection of our best Trane furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. To help you budget, we have included a pricing guide. Pricing includes installation in a typical Miami Valley home. The range given allows for variations in sizing and installation difficulty. For more information, check out our pricing pages for air conditionersheat pumps, and furnaces.

  • Sound Rating

    The lower the sound rating the quieter is it. The number associated with the sound rating is the average decibel level.

  • Efficiency Rating

    SEER and AFUE are the national standards for a unit's efficiency. Similar to how gas-efficient a car would be. A higher number means more efficiency. 

  • Staging

    Staging is similar to different speeds on a ceiling fan. A two-stage unit will only kick into high gear when it needs to, saving you money.

  • Sizing

    All the units come in all sizes to fit the size of your home. We have to do a heat-load calculation to know what size your home needs. Schedule an appointment and we can talk you through the whole process.