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Bringing comfort to our neighbors, restoring hope to our community

The Watkins Caring Team is our company's outreach initiative, committed to supporting our customers, employees, and vendors. This program goes beyond typical job responsibilities by proactively identifying and addressing the personal needs of our Watkins family. We do more than just care for our customers' HVAC systems; we care for them as people.

Our efforts begin within our own team – engaging with each employee to understand and address their unique needs. This fosters a culture of caring employees that spreads from inside our building out across our customer base.

We know that religion often receives a bad rap, but at Watkins, this expression of our faith is not about religion but about practicing genuine kindness. To us, being Christian means embodying the compassion and service of Christ, as demonstrated by His command to "Love your neighbor as yourself." Our Caring Team strives to live out this principle every day by uplifting and supporting those around us in meaningful ways.

"I had them do a complete system rebuild and they were the cheapest by far. More importantly, my wife and I received very unfortunate news while they were in the middle of the project, regarding her pregnancy. I called their techs and politely asked them to leave. They had the house cleaned and tucked up in 10 minutes and left us alone. They worked with us patiently and got the system installed. Later they then left us a generous gift basket for our loss. Big company professional feel with little company family feel and prices. As far as I’m concerned Watkins is the only HVAC company for me."

Trevor | Springboro, Ohio

How We Serve the Community

Our Caring Team is dedicated to identifying and addressing the needs within our community through a series of targeted actions:

  • Care Packages: We distribute gift baskets and care packages to comfort and provide for the families around us during times of need.
  • Personal Engagement: Our Caring Team makes personal visits to check on the well-being of employees and customers, offering companionship.
  • Meal Support: We offer meal assistance to those facing challenging times, ensuring they stay healthy and comfortable.
  • Community Projects: Our team participates in and initiates projects aimed at developing a spirit of unity and improving the conditions of our community.

This hands-on approach ensures that our mission to love and serve like Christ is felt tangibly by those we reach out to, making a real difference in their lives.

Is There a Family Who Could Use Our Help? Let Our Caring Team Know!