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Cutaway view of Trane heat pump air conditioner showing spine fin condenser coil

Trane Aluminum Spine Fin Coils – Pros and Cons

By David Watkins | February 20, 2024

Trane All-Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coils The Trane Spine Fin™ condenser coil is a distinctive and patented technology used by Trane in their air conditioning and heat pump systems. This design is known for superior performance compared to traditional finned coils. Key features and benefits of the Spine Fin technology Enhanced Heat Transfer: The Spine Fin…

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Watkins HVAC tech stands with new Trane XV20i heat pump after replacement job

Can I Replace Just My Air Conditioner Without Replacing My Furnace?

By David Watkins | February 9, 2024

Can I Replace the AC Unit Without Replacing the Furnace? It’s one of the most common questions we get in the HVAC world and we hear it phrased in a lot of different ways. Basically, the question is, “Can I replace my outdoor unit without having to replace my indoor unit?” No matter how you…

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SEER2 EnergyGuide Air Conditioner Rating Label

What the New SEER2 Standards Mean for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps In 2024

By David Watkins | February 7, 2024

What is SEER? What on Earth is SEER2, how is it different than the regular old SEER rating, and what does it mean for my cooling and heating system? The recent move to the SEER2 rating for air conditioning systems has left a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what this means, so we’re…

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Gas furnace heat exchanger safety check

Cracked Heat Exchangers

By David Watkins | December 2, 2023

Scam alert! Every heating season, we see heating contractors lying about cracked heat exchangers in an attempt to sell more furnaces. Learn about the causes of cracked heat exchangers and correct method to diagnose them.

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Danfoss thermal expansion valve TXV

Understanding the TXV

By David Watkins | October 2, 2023

The HVAC TXV (Thermal Expansion Valve). How it works and why it fails. When it comes to a heating & cooling system, there are many parts that work together to keep our homes comfortable. One of those critical components is the TXV, or Thermal Expansion Valve. Let’s break down how a TXV works, why it’s…

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Top 10 Most Common HVAC Issues and How to Prevent Them

By David Watkins | April 16, 2023

A well-functioning HVAC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment in your home. However, HVAC systems are complex and can experience various issues, leading to decreased performance, discomfort, or even costly repairs. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 most common HVAC issues and provide tips on how to…

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Replace install hvac heat pump air conditioner

Discovering Heat Pumps: Your Comprehensive Guide to Energy-Efficient Home Comfort

By David Watkins | April 2, 2023

Heat pumps offer an eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating and cooling solution for homeowners, with options such as air-source, ground-source, ductless, and hybrid systems. Even in northern climates like Ohio, they can lead to significant energy bill savings over time. Thorough research and a reputable contractor are essential for finding the ideal heat pump that meets your needs.. With the right system, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly home.

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lightning thunder storm in Ohio. Purple sky with tree silhouette

Protect Your HVAC System from Thunderstorms and Lightning Strikes

By David Watkins | March 21, 2023

Springtime thunderstorms bring lightning and power surges that can damage HVAC systems and other electronics. Protect your air conditioner or heat pump by investing in a surge protector designed especially for HVAC units. If you suspect a power surge, contact us for expert inspection and maintenance.

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Air Conditioner Covers

By David Watkins | October 3, 2022

Are A/C covers really necessary? This article explores the pros and cons of using protective covers for your air conditioner, and offers guidance on when they might be helpful. Prioritize regular maintenance and stay informed about best practices to keep your A/C unit running smoothly year-round!

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Watkins Heating & Cooling wins the 2021 Trane SOAR Award

2021 Trane SOAR Award

By David Watkins | August 15, 2022

This year, Watkins Heating & Cooling received Trane highest award for the second time. The SOAR award is given to just one dealer in the market with the highest customer satisfaction, sales growth, and dedication to training. Since our beginning in 1993, we have worked together with Trane to bring trustworthy and affordable HVAC service…

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