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Ductless mini-split heat pumps

Why do we install Mitsubishi heat pumps?

A 2004 survey by ACH&R News listed Mitsubishi Electric as the contractor’s most preferred ductless manufacturer and the number one brand in price/value, availability, reliability and performance specifications. We have found Mitsubishi to be the mini-split brand with the best support in the Dayton area.

Why choose Watkins for your mini-split installation?

In May 2002, we became one of the first factory-certified Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors in the Cincinnati – Dayton area. Because of our extensive experience and factory training, Mitsubishi extends their parts warranty from five years to seven years when installed by Watkins. For more reasons to choose Watkins to solve your comfort issues, click here.

Benefits of a Mr. Slim mini split heat pump:

  • Perfect for old homes with no existing ductwork.
  • Great for garages, bonus rooms, sunrooms, and additions.
  • Best solution for hard to cool second story bedrooms.
  • Whisper quiet. With sounds levels ranging from 19-35db, you’ll barely know it’s running.
  • Hyper-heat Mr. Slim heat pumps operate effectively down to -13F.
  • 20 energy star models with some rated as high as 26 SEER. Efficiency is comparable to geothermal.
  • Room-by-room temperature control. Don’t waste energy by cooling an unoccupied room.
  • Variable speed INVERTER-driven compressors adjust capacity to match demand. When the system is running at low speed, humidity and comfort are optimized, and efficiency can reach nearly 40 SEER!
  • Installation is much less invasive than a typical ducted system. Our seasoned technicians will be in and out in hours not days.

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Commercial Mini-Split application

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are an excellent solution for cooling data centers. For a fraction of the cost of one large server room air conditioner, we can install multiple smaller Mitsubishi a/c’s providing excellent scalability and redundancy. The P-series ductless air conditioner provides enterprise-level uptime and has built-in low ambient controls and self-diagnostics. Installation in server rooms averages about $3000 per ton of cooling.

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