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24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

When your heating or cooling system quits, you need an HVAC contractor to respond immediately and get you back up and running right away. Watkins has service technicians on call 24/7 in Southwest Ohio. Whether it's a hot summer weekend or a cold Christmas morning, you can contact our live customer service team around the clock to handle your HVAC emergency quickly.

An HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

If you're like most homeowners, calling for HVAC repair is the last thing you want to do. The thought of inviting a pushy salesperson into your home is stressful, and too many contractors either show up late or don't show up at all. Your search for an honest and timely HVAC company is over.

Watkins Heating & Cooling is a family-owned business that started with Grandpa Dave Watkins' HVAC expertise three generations ago and has become a cornerstone of Miami Valley, Ohio. With a legacy of customer service excellence, we are proud to be the highest-rated A/C and furnace repair company in Dayton, Springboro and North Cincinnati, Ohio.

Watkins is all about transparency. Like you, we hate dirty sales tactics and value your time. That's why we make our process simple:

Our experienced technicians diagnose your heating and cooling system. Then we lay all your options on the table and help you prioritize them. Finally, you choose the best HVAC repair or installation option for your budget and home. Our experts will guide you each step of the way, but the choice is always yours. No tricks. No pressure. Just the solution you need.

What Makes Watkins Heating & Cooling Different?

  • Up-Front Pricing

    No fake discounts. Only honest pricing and straightforward written estimates based on your specific home and budget.

  • No Sales Pressure

    Our HVAC experts educate you and give transparent advice, putting all the options on the table. You're always in charge of the process.

  • Two-Year Warranties

    We stand behind our work with a 2-year warranty on every furnace and A/C repair. We guarantee thorough and careful work.

  • Expert Technicians

    Each Watkins technician is a highly-trained heating and cooling expert and an in-house employee. We don't use subcontractors.

Your Search For Reliable HVAC Service Is Over

Many HVAC contractors train their repair technicians to always recommend new heating systems even if the current furnace can be repaired. Their commission-heavy pay structure and lack of technical training further reinforce this sales-first attitude. In fact, some repairmen even refer to themselves as "Sales Technicians." This is the opposite of what we do.

Watkins Heating & Cooling brings a different kind of HVAC contractor to Miami Valley, Ohio. We're a family-owned HVAC company with a legacy of customer loyalty spanning three generations, so our focus will always be on our customers' well-being. Our role is to serve and educate our customers throughout the process because knowledge is power. That's why we hire HVAC experts with integrity and culture fit above all. Our employees are trained to communicate openly and effectively with homeowners, so they clearly understand all of their options. And our HVAC training program, backed by NATE certification, equips our technicians to repair nearly anything.

Whether you need a routine tune-up, a repair, or a system replacement, we're here for you and promise to give honest advice, not sales pressure. We are always happy to maintain or repair your existing furnace and air conditioner. Deciding when to replace your furnace, A/C, or heat pump should be your decision.

Trane XR16 Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair

We know how frustrating and uncomfortable your home can be when your central air isn't working right. We also know finding an HVAC contractor you can trust to fix your system is challenging. Far too many contractors advertise great A/C repair deals, but when they get to your house, their only mission is to sell you a new cooling system!

Here at Watkins, we take a different approach. Our mission is to educate you about your HVAC system's condition and provide the tools you need to make an informed decision. If all you're looking for is a repair to your equipment and not a new system, we'll respect your decision and leave you in the driver's seat.

The cost to fix your heating and cooling system will vary depending on the problem. What are the most common air con problems? We often find relatively simple issues like a dirty condenser coil, a burnt capacitor, or a bad fan motor. We've been the go-to HVAC contractor in Southwest Ohio for over 30 years, so we have truly seen it all.

Our HVAC technicians are masters at fixing things that the other guys can't. We aim to fix everything completely the first time so we don't have to come back and fix it again later. When you choose a Watkins furnace or central air conditioning repair, you're choosing a thorough job guaranteed with a two-year warranty. For existing Watkins customers, many of our service contracts have a built-in repair warranty, even on older heating systems! If you're looking for AC repair in the Dayton and Cincinnati area, reach out today.

Watkins Service Technician Heat Pump Maintenance Tune-Up

HVAC Maintenance & Tune-Ups

To keep your HVAC system running smoothly, every heating and air conditioning expert will note the importance of servicing it at least once a year. Regular maintenance can detect potential issues before they become major problems – saving you money in the long run.

Just like your car, a heating and cooling system is a complex machine that needs maintenance, and going several years without a tune-up usually leads to problems. Annual check-ups are crucial in determining how long your A/C and furnace will serve your family.

You may just be looking for a routine filter change, and we're here for that, too! But Watkins also offers comprehensive tune-ups that go beyond checking refrigerant levels and the essential manufacturer recommendations. Our skilled technicians inspect electrical components, test safeties, and ensure all moving parts are lubricated. Not only does this routine maintenance help prevent unexpected breakdowns, but it's also proven to improve energy efficiency!

A well-maintained AC unit operates more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs and extending the life of your HVAC system. If it's been a while since you've checked your air conditioner or furnace, contact our team today.

Watkins Tech Explaining New Trane Air Conditioner XR16 Install to Customer

A/C Installation & Replacement

How long should an HVAC system last? We expect most cooling and heating systems to last 10-15 years. It's always our goal to repair your system, but as they get older, costly issues like a leaky evaporator coil or a seized compressor arise. In these cases, replacing the old central air system is usually more cost-effective than further investment.

But homeowners can't just settle for any random HVAC installation. Unlike a refrigerator, you can't just un-box a modern air conditioner and plug it in. Reliability, comfort, and efficiency depend almost entirely on the installation quality of the heating system. Will your installer be paid by the job or by the hour? This may seem minor, but when paid by the job, many installers will take shortcuts and focus on speed rather than quality. It's not the brand you buy but the installing company that determines long-term reliability, comfort level, and energy costs.

Our comfort consultants provide much more than free estimates. To guarantee that your new AC system is the right size, we use a certified heat-load calculation to measure your home and ductwork, inspect the insulation ratings, and determine the amount of solar energy coming through your windows.

For equipment, Watkins has a vast selection of new A/Cs, heat pumps, and electric or gas furnaces – from affordable base models to premium brands like Trane. Reach out to us and discover how a new, energy-efficient system will save you money on energy bills, reduced repairs, and tax credits and rebates.

Watkins HVAC Tech Maintenance on Tube Heater

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Many folks in Southwestern Ohio, struggle with allergies and asthma. The Miami Valley has even been dubbed Sinus Valley because of our high pollen and mold levels! Many Ohioans also struggle with fluctuating humidity levels in their homes as our climate swings from humid summers to dry winters.

If you're struggling with humidity or allergies in Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio – Watkins has you covered. Most of us know that changing your AC and furnace filter can be a big help, and we're always here to help with that, but that can only do so much. Most people don’t think about indoor air quality, but dozens of different pollutants, like dust, airborne chemicals (VOCs), bacteria, and mold, cause poor air quality in your home.

Did you know that Watkins can transform your furnace into a full-house air cleaner to help reduce your allergies? Our expert HVAC technicians can turn your furnace into a full-house air cleaner that is over 20 times more effective than a standalone! Or if you’re dealing with uncomfortably wet or dry air, we can get a humidifier optimized for your space for that perfect humidity sweet spot of 45-50%. If you're interested in a full-house humidifier, air cleaner, disinfecting UV system, or ventilators, give us a call.

  • Get The Best Value For Your Money

  • A Simple, Trouble-Free Process

  • With Open, Honest Communication

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Nicholas is a seasoned tech that was good at analyzing with proper tools and had good communications skills to explain the how and why of the process.
David - Wilmington, OH 45177
They do excellent service, but with a contract that calls for spring and fall check ups, I once again had to call to get it done now supposedly we have it set for specific months and they are to call and text me to set appointment. We shall see.
Mark - Dayton, OH 45458
Explained everything in detail Knowledgeable
Joan - Maineville, OH 45039
We have really appreciated Daniel’s service calls! On time and thorough in his work on our system! Recommendations are always welcomed! He listens to our concerns and he has taken his time to answer our questions. Thanks for his service calls!!
CRAIG - Franklin, OH 45005
Tim from Watkins was great and explained everything and was really great to work with. Thanks !
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Excellent service.
James - Washington Township, OH 45458
Great Service
Ryan - Lebanon, OH 45036
David was awesome! He was very thorough with our quote and went above and beyond to make sure we were able to get what we needed quickly. Highly recommend David and his team!
DANE - Springboro, OH 45066
The service tech was very professional and courteous. He explained everything he was going to do
BILL - Woodbourne-Hyde Park, OH 45459
I will never call anyone else for HVAC again and will always request Chris!!! He is very knowledgeable and personable.
Lisa - Lebanon, OH 45036
Thank you for such quick and efficient service yesterday! Our whole house appreciates you.
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Janeth came out on time and worked an issue on our system that took a long time but she was patient and really hard working!!!
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Joe did a good job. Very professional
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Daniel is so effficient and does a wonderful job. He covers everything he did and explains what he did and covers what we need to do to complete some additional work on our air conditioner.
BARBARA - Miamisburg, OH 45342
We have been using them for years, they do good honest work
Joseph - Waynesville, OH 45068
Tim was very professional and helped in serving our every need
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Very happy with Dan! He is personable, and knows and does his job well! Give that man a raise!
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Tony was very friendly and informative. Answered my questions about issues and explained things that needed to be done. Knowledgeable about what needs to be accomplished and was quick to finish the job.
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Great service and key item is their integrity - excellent.
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Judith was excellent. Very thorough and explained what was checked and needed.
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