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Searching for an HVAC Contractor You can Trust?

If you are like many homeowners in the Springboro, Ohio area, calling for HVAC repair the last thing you want to do. The thought of inviting a pushy salesperson into your home is stressful, and too many HVAC contractors can't make it on time or never even show up.

The search for your new favorite heating company is over. Like you, we hate dirty sales tactics and we value your time. That's why we guide you through a simple process to help you prioritize needs and understand your options. No tricks. No pressure. Just the solution you need.

Watkins Heating & Cooling Team, HVAC Contractor serving Springboro, Dayton, and Mason OH since 1993

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

When your heating or cooling system quits, you need an HVAC contractor who can respond immediately with the parts, tools, and skills to get you back up and running right away. That's why Watkins has service technicians on-call 24/7. Whether it's a hot summer weekend or a cold Christmas morning, you can contact our live customer service team round the clock and get your HVAC emergency handled quickly.

Same-day Service Available!

Choosing a Heating & Cooling Company Shouldn't Be Stressful

  • Get the best value for your money

  • With a clean, trouble-free process

  • You deserve honest advice & open communication.

Read Reviews from our Customers


True Air Conditioning Pros

Quality and professionalism from start to finish. Respectful and considerate of the home owners and the home. Took the time to address all concerns and didn't try to cut corners. Best experience I've ever had with a HVAC company.

Duncan - Mason, OH


HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Service technician was on time and performed necessary services. Also provided options to perform preventative maintenance in order to prolong life of overall unit.

Andy - Springboro, OH


Superb HVAC Install

Just wanted to give a shout out to Ryan and Doug for the very professional and helpful FULL replacement of our home's HVAC system. They were prompt, knowledgeable, approachable, clean, courteous and simply put, VERY competent.

Joe - Dayton, OH

What Makes Watkins Heating & Cooling Different?

Many HVAC contractors train their repair technicians to always recommend new heating systems, even if the current furnace can be repaired. Their commission-heavy pay structure and lack of technical training further reinforce this sales-first attitude. In fact, some repairmen even refer to themselves as "Sales Technicians."

We believe our role is to serve and educate throughout the process (knowledge is power). That's why we hire for integrity and culture fit above all. Our training program, backed by NATE certification, equips our technicians to repair almost anything and we stock our trucks with the most commonly used HVAC parts for all major brands. Deciding when to replace your furnace, A/C, or heat pump should be your decision, and we promise to give honest advice, not sales pressure.

We are always happy to maintain or repair your existing furnace and air conditioner.

  • Up-Front

    No fake discounts. Only honest pricing and written estimates.

  • No Sales Pressure

    Our HVAC service team gives you options and advice. The choice is always yours.

  • Two-Year Warranties

    We stand behind our work with a two-year warranty on furnace and A/C repairs.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Each Watkins Heating & Cooling technician is a highly-trained, professional employee. We don't use subcontractors.

Air Conditioner Repair

We understand how challenging it can be to find an HVAC contractor you can trust. It's frustrating when you find a great deal on a service call only to find out they're just trying to sell you a new cooling system.

Here at Watkins, we take a different approach. Our mission is simply to educate you, giving you the tools you need to make an informed decision. Sometimes, we'll find that repairing an old A/C unit may not make financial sense, but we promise to always respect your decision and leave you in the driver's seat.

The cost to fix you heating or cooling system will vary depending on the problem. What are the most common air con problems? Often we find relatively simple issues like a dirty condenser coil, burnt capacitor, or a bad fan motor. With more serious refrigeration issues like a leaky evaporator coil or a seized compressor, it makes sense to discuss a new cooling system.

HVAC tech with new Trane XR16 air conditioner

HVAC Installation & Replacement

How long should an HVAC system last? We expect most heating systems to last 10-15 years, but this can be extended with proper care. Factors like regular maintenance, the quality of installation, and the manufacturer play a crucial role in determining how long your A/C unit will serve your family. At some point an expensive repair leads a customer to replace rather than wasting money on an old hvac system. A new system can help you save money with better energy efficiency, reduced repairs, and improved comfort, as well as tax credits and rebates.

Unlike a refrigerator, you can't just un-box a modern furnace or air conditioner and plug it in. Reliability, comfort, and efficiency depend almost entirely on how the installation quality of the heating system. Will your installer be paid  by the job or by the hour? This may seem minor, but when paid by the job, many installers will take shortcuts and focus on speed rather than quality. It's not the brand you buy, but the installing company that determines long-term reliability and energy costs.

Our comfort consultants provide much more than free estimates. To ensure that your AC unit is the right size, they measure your home and ductwork, inspect the insulation ratings, and determine the amount of solar energy coming through your windows. Only with a certified heat-load calculation can we guarantee that your new heating system is the perfect size.

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system working properly, we recommend servicing it at least once a year. Regular maintenance can detect potential issues before they become major problems, saving you money in the long run. Some of our service contracts include a repair warranty, even on older heating systems.

A comprehensive tune-up includes all the essential points recommended by the manufacturer beyond checking refrigerant levels. Our technicians inspect electrical components, test safeties, and ensure all moving parts are well-lubricated. This routine maintenance not only improves energy efficiency but also helps prevent unexpected breakdowns. A well-maintained AC unit operates more effectively, saving you money on energy costs and extending the life of your heating and cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality

Ducts are like the lungs of a building. Home climate control systems circulate the entire volume of air in your home about every 15 minutes. This represents a huge opportunity to use your ventilation system to deliver clean, healthy air to you and your family. Good indoor air quality reduces dust like pollen and pet dander, maintains perfect humidity in summer and winter, and neutralizes biological and chemical pollutants like mold and VOCs. Our certified technicians can assess your particular needs and recommend a cost effective plan to improve your air. From air cleaners and whole-house humidifiers, to disinfecting UV systems and ventilators, we have the tools to help any homeowner turn their home into a clean, healthy space. Comfort is more than temperature.