Heating and Cooling Systems

We understand that shopping for a new heating and cooling system can be overwhelming. Our technicians can walk you through the process and make its as simple and stress-free as possible. A properly-installed system can last 15 – 20 years and pay for itself in fewer repair bills and less energy usage. We will tailor the design of your heating and cooling system for optimal efficiency, comfort, and, of course, make sure it fits your budget.

Only a Complete System can provide Complete Comfort

While not absolutely necessary, we encourage you to think in terms of a complete comfort system rather than just an air conditioner or furnace. They are engineered to work together in harmony as the a/c depends on the furnace to move air through the ductwork. Studies have shown that the capacity and efficiency are typically reduced by 10%-20% when the furnace and a/c are mismatched. In addition, it is more expensive to change the furnace and a/c independently rather than all at once.

  • Balancing Your Family’s Needs
  • Designed for your comfort
  • Options for Efficiency
  • It’s all about you

Why Trane?

Trane’s focus on reliability combined with our focus on quality installation makes for a great fit. These are just a few of industry-leading technologies that place Trane in a class of their own. We are the go to Trane Dealer.

Comfort-R™ – This patented software controls the modern ECM blower to maximize efficiency, comfort, and humidity removal, allowing the Trane air conditioner to remove about 4 times more humidity than a standard unit.

TruComfort™ compressors – Trane has perfected the variable speed compressor to deliver precise comfort and extreme humidity control. The extra steps they have taken to manage heat and oil return result in the legendary reliability for which Trane is known.

Hyperion™ Air Handlers – This game changer boasts double-walled construction, eliminating exposed insulation. The all-aluminum coil is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils.

Weatherguard™ top – Yet another industry exclusive, this design protects your outdoor unit from leaves and ice – a must for heat pumps!

Vortica™ Blower – The aerodynamic Vortica blower housing moves more air with less energy and sound than the industry-standard boxy sheet-metal housing.

Spine Fin™ – A Trane exclusive since 1968, the all-aluminum spine-fin coil has been proven to be more leak resistant, more efficient, and less effected by dirt and ice. A Perdue study showed that, after 5 years of neglect, traditional plate-fin coils suffered a 61% higher efficiency loss compared to Spine-Fin coils.