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Green Initiatives

At Watkins Heating & Cooling, we care about the environment we will leave to our grandchildren. Every year we seek to improve our environment responsibility. Here’s where we stand today.


Efficient Operations

Paperless – Running a business without paper can be challenging. We have equipped all of our technicians with tablets and a paperless billing system. While much of the service process functions with very little paper, we still have a long way to go in the office. Each year we continue to automate and digitize more processes to more efficient and to use fewer resources.

Unit recycling – When we replace your furnace and air conditioner, every component of your old unit is stripped down and recycled. Not a single furnace goes to the landfill.

Refrigerant recycling – The R-22 refrigerant in your old air conditioner is an HCFC which damages the ozone layer and may contribute to the “greenhouse effect.” Carefully capturing old refrigerant requires special training and very expensive equipment. While refrigerant recycling is required by law, there is no enforcement and many companies simply vent it into the atmosphere. At Watkins, proper refrigerant handling and recycling is a requirement.


Efficient Fleet

GPS – All of our drivers are tracked and their driving graded with a special “Driver’s Score.” The GPS system deducts points for speeding, hard braking, and excessive idling. We then give monthly bonuses to the drivers with the best scores. This fleet tracking system has made our drivers safer and reduced our fuel consumption.

Hybrid vans – To serve our neighbors with rapid response repairs, we drive large vans loaded down with many parts. While this gives us an excellent first call fix rate, it also makes for poor fuel economy. A few years ago, we found a solution! So far we have retrofitted three of our service vans with a powerful hybrid-electric drive system. The electric motor charges a large battery during braking, and recycles that energy for acceleration. Our numbers indicate a more than 25% improvement in fuel economy, and we will continue to buy hybrids as we replace older trucks.


Efficient Building


Insulation – Our main office in Springboro was built many years ago with little thought of efficiency. We have added piles of insulation and replaced all the heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency systems from Trane.

LED lighting – Our entire office and warehouse utilize LED lighting systems. In a warehouse, this involves more than just replacing bulbs. Every fixture had to be replaced. While time-consuming, this has resulted in lower maintenance and a much lower electric bill.

Solar – Last but not least, the entire south face of our warehouse roofing has been covered in photovoltaic cells. On a sunny day, the solar array powers our entire office and warehouse and sells the extra 8 kilowatts back to the grid. Stop in for a free tour, and let us show you the many ways we can help you save energy and create a cleaner tomorrow.


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