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Heat Pump Repair Pricing

How much will it cost to repair my heat pump?



Since a heat pump is nearly identical to an air conditioner, they share many of the same repairs. A heat pump is basically an air conditioner with a couple extra components to reverse refrigerant flow in the winter, providing efficient heat for your home. For more info on how a heat pump works, check out my blog Heat Pump Operation 101.

We know that calling for service can be a scary process, full of unknown costs. It’s hard to know the cost of a heat pump repair until we know what is broken. An incorrect diagnosis can mean wasting time and money chasing the wrong problem.


Servicing or repairing your heat pump should be pleasant and straightforward. With Watkins, here’s how it works:


Let’s start with a Diagnosis


We have to start with a thorough diagnostic by a NATE certified technician. Our diagnostic charge is a flat $89, which includes travel and as much time as needed to identify the problem and give you a fair, upfront, written price to fix it. Keep in mind that the diagnostic rates are no indicator of repair rates. Some HVAC contractors offer super low diagnostic rates of $69 or $39 just to get a foot in the door. Some even give the diagnostic for free with a repair. This virtually guarantees very high repair rates.


Prices for Common Heat Pump Repairs



Honest Pricing forms one of the foundations of our service strategy. Today many companies have simplified their service pricing to group all similar repairs into five or seven prices. For instance, they charge the same price for all motors or circuit boards, regardless of the original cost of the part or of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have complicated expensive parts. Why should you pay for a repair based on an expensive heat pump when yours is basic and the parts are inexpensive? Our Honest Pricing is always based on the exact parts for YOUR heat pump, not an inflated, oversimplified price to cover all heat pumps.

This incomplete list is only intended to be a guide. Prices many vary if your system requires OEM parts. This is only a small representation of our part-specific, Honest Pricing. Since our goal is to earn referrals and make customers for life, our service calls are free of high-pressure sales, gimmicks, and hidden fees.


Recharge heat pump, R22, 1st pound
Recharge heat pump, R22, each additional
Recharge heat pump, R410a, 1st pound
Recharge heat pump, R410a, each additional
Electronic Refrigerant Leak Search (varies with unit location)
Replace thermostat – basic non-programmable$150
Replace typical condenser fan motor$376 – $453
Replace typical evaporator coil (non-OEM)
Replace typical 2-pole contactor$165.82
Replace typical dual run capacitor

* R-22 is currently being phased out by the EPA. Prices are very unstable and supplies are limited. Please call for updated pricing. If your A/C uses R-22 consider replacing it soon.

ˆ Evaporator coil price does not include additional refrigerant.


After-Hours Service

Starting 09/27/10, our expanded regular service hours are 8am to 7pm Mon-Fri. If you call after hours, rest assured that we always have service technicians available, day and night, weekends and holidays.
Our overtime charge is just an extra $40 Mon-Sat and $80 on Sundays & Holidays, and the repairs are still billed at regular rates. (Our diagnostic fee still applies)

No one likes paying more than they should, so we did our research here. Some companies offer after-hours service for no extra charge, but their regular rates are higher than our overtime rates. They actually charge overtime rates during regular hours!

We use fair overtime pricing that simply reflects the extra costs of compensating a technician for working late on a cold night or holiday.


Click here to learn about our refreshingly honest repair process.



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