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Air conditioner maintenance | Water leaks

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

Why do air conditioners leak water? The usual suspect is a lack of air conditioner maintenance. A good tune-up should include cleaning the condensate drain.

air conditioner coil cleaning

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

Can Air Conditioner maintenance really save you money? We explain why a dirty air conditioner runs hot, stressing your energy bill and your air conditioner’s compressor.

solar powered hvac company

Zoning for Solar Energy

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

With solar module costs falling and energy costs rising, zoning regulations have become the biggest obstacle to the energy revolution.

Watkinsheating Hiring !

We’re Hiring!

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

Help wanted! We need to add more seasoned service and installation techs to our team. We have an awesome work environment and top pay.

It is cold upstairs! Comfort tips for a two-story home.

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

Whether you use a gas furnace or a heat pump, two-story or tri-level homes can be difficult to heat and cool evenly. Here are some tips from my personal experience with a cold second story.

HVAC Tax Credits and Rebate Changes

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

The new year brings changes to heating and air conditioner incentive programs. Read about the changes to tax credits and utility rebates in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.