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HVAC Tax Credits and Rebate Changes

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

The new year brings changes to heating and air conditioner incentive programs. Read about the changes to tax credits and utility rebates in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

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REAL Service Technicians

By David Watkins | May 2, 2017

When you call for furnace or a/c repair, are you getting a repairman or a salesman? Many heating companies have begun using salesmen on service calls and are always pressuring for the replacement. Here’s a true story from an encounter with a new breed of “Service Technician.”

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Gas furnace heat exchanger safety check

Cracked Heat Exchangers

By David Watkins | December 2, 2015

Scam alert! This heating season, numerous Dayton heating contractors are lying about cracked heat exchangers in an attempt to sell more furnaces. Protect yourself from furnace fraud with the info in this post.

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Top 5 Reasons for a Furnace Tune-up

By David Watkins | October 7, 2015

Homeowners frequently ask, “Why does my furnace need a tune-up every year?” As our techs will tell you, a neglected will eventually leave you and your family out in the cold. Here’s the top 5 benefits of regular furnace maintenance.

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The Cause of Refrigerant Leaks

By David Watkins | July 15, 2015

What causes a/c evaporator coils to leak? We have found this to be the most common problem plaguing air conditioners. To explain this, we first need to bust a common air conditioner myth.

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Best HVAC Repair Google Search in Tab

How do you choose an HVAC Contractor?

By David Watkins | June 18, 2015

How do you look through the gimmicks and sales pitches to find a reliable HVAC contractor? Here are a few tips to help you make this important decision as well as the issues that set Watkins apart from the competition.

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