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Bringing Comfort to Our Neighbors

Heat pump operation 102

By David Watkins | February 8, 2015

The efficiency and capacity of a heat pump varies with the weather as does the heating needs of your home. How does this effect heat pump sizing and operation cost?

Heat pump operation 101

By David Watkins | January 21, 2015

Many homes in the Miami Valley are heated and cooled by Heat Pumps, but few homeowners understand how they work. Hopefully I can dispel some of the mystery here.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

By David Watkins | November 3, 2014

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. How can you protect your family from this odorless gas? The time change is a great time for a quick CO refresher.

6 Furnace Air Filter Tips

By David Watkins | October 10, 2014

Need advice on furnace filters and air cleaners? These quick tips can both save you money and relieve a few allergies.

Routine furnace maintenance saves money

By David Watkins | December 14, 2013

Routine maintenance prevents furnace breakdowns. Find out why furnace maintenance is so important to home heating with these 4 real examples of money saving furnace maintenance.

Committed to your comfort

By David Watkins | April 5, 2012

Trane ECM fan modules are always in stock at Watkins.