Trane XR13 Air Conditioner

$3,800 to $6,000

(price includes install)

Staging: Single-Stage
Efficiency: up to 13.80 SEER2
Sound Rating: low as 71 dB

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Product Information


Get affordable heating and cooling with the durability you expect from Trane. The single-stage XR14 air conditioner offers up to 13.80 SEER2, making it the most budget-friendly option among Trane air conditioners while still delivering reliable efficiency and performance. It is available in 1.5 to 5-ton models. The XR14 features a Spine Fin™ condenser coil and a Climatuff™ compressor, ensuring consistent comfort and durability.

The single-stage operation provides simple, dependable heating and cooling, while the system’s design helps reduce energy consumption. This model is a cost-effective choice for homeowners looking for an entry-level air conditioner that offers a solid 14SEER2 efficiency and dependable performance in various climate conditions.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficiency: Up to 13.80 SEER2
  • Fan Cooling Stages: 1 Stage
  • Spine Fin™ Coil
  • Climatuff™ Compressor

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Benefits (Pros)

  • Trane’s most affordable model
  • Single-stage air conditioner simplicity
  • Steady energy savings
  • Still reliable in any climate condition
  • Compatible with most HVAC systems
  • Smallest physical size

Considerations (Cons)

  • Less energy efficient than higher-end options
  • Lacks some high-end features from Trane XV series
  • Not as quiet as Trane XV series
  • Does not come with protective Weatherguard Top™ (can be added on)


Our estimated price of the Trane XR14 air conditioner is $3,800 to $6,000 including installation. It’s important to note – providing exact pricing online is difficult due to the individualized nature of each home and installation. We aim to inform homeowners about their options. Pricing varies based on the unit size and complexity of the installation. Smaller units with properly installed ductwork will be at the lower end of the price range, while larger units or complex installations will be on the higher end. Get a free quote for your home here.

Compatible Matching Furnaces

The XR14 air conditioner should be paired with compatible indoor equipment for optimal performance. We recommend the TEM4 Air Handler or Trane S8X1 Gas Furnace. The TEM4 provides efficient airflow and performance for the XR14 AC unit and the S8X1 gas furnace complements these air handlers, ensuring efficient heating. For an exact, personalized recommendation, consult with our experts.


  • 10-year limited warranty on coil and other functional parts


Our free in-home estimates include a thorough evaluation of your home’s heating and cooling needs. Our comfort advisors will inspect your ductwork and provide recommendations to ensure your new air conditioning system operates efficiently and effectively. We offer honest and pressure-free advice. Book an appointment online today.


For a similar unit with slightly less efficiency and a slightly lower cost, consider the Trane XR13 model.

Model Specifications

BrandModelModel NumberModel YearSizeHeightWidthDepthSound RatingMax Fuse
TraneXR144TWR4018N1000Current1.5 ton3333307120
TraneXR144TWR4024N1000Current2 ton3333307125
TraneXR144TWR4030N1000Current2.5 ton2933307125
TraneXR144TWR4036N1000Current3 ton3737347030
TraneXR144TWR4042N1000Current3.5 ton4537347240
TraneXR144TWR4048N1000Current4 ton4537347245
TraneXR144TWR4060N1000Current5 ton4537347250
TraneXR144TWR4018N100020221.5 ton2933307320
TraneXR144TWR4024N100020222 ton3333307125
TraneXR144TWR4030N100020222.5 ton3333307225
TraneXR144TWR4036N100020223 ton3337347530
TraneXR144TWR4042N100020223.5 ton3337347240
TraneXR144TWR4048N100020224 ton3737347245
TraneXR144TWR4060N100020225 ton4537347250

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